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Kelabit Recipes


The Making of Senape

Senape is a rice dish wrapped in a particular leave (Daun Isip) then steamed. The leave provide sa fragrant aroma and acts as a container for the rice. Back when the kelabits practiced nomadity, mobility was key. Food should be easily carried or eaten until finished. Senape is made with “hard rice” as it is cooked twice [View Full Recipe].

The Making of Senamu’ Laa’am (Non-halal)

This is a traditional dish among the Kelabits. After every hunt come methods of preserving the catch. Electricity is still limited within the villages of Bario , proper refrigeration is still hard to come by. Salt is often use to preserve foods for weeks. Here the practicality of using the pork fat instead of the pork meats comes into play due to the presences of oils. The pork fat not only flavours the rice but also coats the rice with oil preventing it from spoiling [View Full Recipe].